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1. Introduction

Ganado Services Limited (hereinafter being referred to as “the Company“), is committed to providing a high quality service to its customers.

The Company encourages an environment in which constructive complaints are valued and contribute to the positive experience of its customers. The Company has therefore established an open, fair and accessible Complaints Policy and Procedures designed to encourage prompt resolution at the earliest possible stage. The Company aims to immediately investigate any complaint received thoroughly and fairly for it to be resolved promptly and courteously in the best interests of all parties. Once a complaint is resolved, the Company may identify areas calling for improvement and where necessary will take steps to revisit or amend its internal procedures. Furthermore, the Company undertakes to ensure that the interests and well-being of all associated with a complaint are properly safeguarded.

2. Definition of a Complaint

For the purposes of this Policy, a complaint is being defined as an expression of dissatisfaction about the quality of a service, action or lack of action by or on behalf of the Company.

A complaint may relate to:

  • The quality and standard of service received;
  • Failure to provide a service or failure to provide a service in a timely manner;
  • Treatment by, or attitude of, an employee of the Company;
  • Inappropriate behaviour by an employee of the Company;
  • The failure of the Company to follow an administrative process;
  • Dissatisfaction with the Company‚Äôs policies or procedures.

The above are just examples and the list provided is not to be considered exhaustive.

3. Communication of a Complaint

Formal complaints should be sent in writing (by letter or email) and should state clearly the nature of dissatisfaction.

A complaint should be addressed to:

The Managing Director
Ganado Services Limited
171 Old Bakery Street
VLT 1455

or else by email on:

4. Complaints Handling

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Company is committed as follows:

  • Within a maximum of two (2) working days from receipt of a complaint, whether verbal or in writing, the Company will issue an acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant with an explanation that his/her complaint is being looked into and s/he will hear back from the Company within a maximum of five (5) working days;
  • Start immediate investigations on the nature of complaint raised;
  • Seek a quick and fair solution to the complaint made;
  • Communicate with customer, providing details of how complaint is being handled;
  • The Company will consider the complaint carefully and, where possible, resolve the complaint, as a matter of best practice within a maximum of 5 working days. If the Company is unable to resolve complaint within 5 working days of receipt, it will advise the client accordingly.
The Company is registered to act as a Company Services Provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) of Notabile Road BKR 3000 Attard Malta. In the event that a client remains unsatisfied on the way that the Company has resolved or dealt with the complaint raised, the matter can be brought to the attention of the MFSA.