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We believe that a sound corporate governance model can make a company’s goals and investment projects considerably more credible to potential investors. By attaining a superior level of compliance on corporate governance matters, and evidencing that type of commitment through the very corporate governance model it chooses to adopt, a company may successfully allay certain concerns about potential investors’ return on risk.

The need for effective corporate governance practices and procedures increasingly features in our clients’ agendas – and that of supervisory authorities. Our Corporate Services and Governance team addresses this demand in a focused and cost-effective manner. Team members are committed to helping corporate clients from different business environments to identify and comply with their ongoing corporate responsibilities by developing a corporate governance model that not only reflects their specific corporate profile but also meets local legal requirements and international best practice.

Many companies incorporated in Malta, including listed and regulated entities (principally credit and financial institutions, custodian and payment services providers, insurance companies, investment managers and collective investment schemes), have already had the opportunity to utilise this type of support service.

Recognising that Board members need to set the tone at the top, we advocate proactive approaches to develop further the levels of preparation required by Board members to carry out their duties. For that purpose, we regularly hold focused awareness and training sessions for Board members. By this we aim to enhance the knowledge of the corporate governance principles that should inform their work. We will also provide our corporate clients with performance appraisals of Board members on request.

Managing your corporate documents

Ganado Services Limited also offers clients around-the-clock access to their corporate files.

If organising, storing and accessing documents securely are primary considerations for you or your clients, consider adding value to your corporate governance model by subscribing to GANADO Connect – a virtual document depository and retrieval room providing a secure extranet for storing and accessing documents on a 24 hour basis. In addition, content transmitted across the Internet is automatically encrypted. For more information click here .