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The MSD issued Technical Notice SLS.30 revoking the previous Technical Notice SLS.7 regarding the use onboard of graphical symbols on Fire Control Plans.

SOLAS consolidated edition 2001 Chapter II-2 regulation 20 and SOLAS amendments 2000 Chapter II-2 regulation 24 require the use of fire control symbols on Fire Plans in accordance with IMO Resolution A.654 (16).

SOLAS 74, consolidated edition 2004 & 2009, Chapter II-2 Regulation 15.2.4 requires that the graphical symbols used in Fire Control Plans onboard all Maltese registered ships shall be in accordance with the symbols set out in the IMO Resolution A.952 (23).

IMO Resolution A.654 (16) Graphical Symbols for Fire Control Plans, adopted on 19 October 1989, is applicable for ships constructed before 1 January 2004.

To read Technical Notice SLS.30, click here.

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