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In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 32.3.2 cargo ships, other than bulk carriers (as defined in SOLAS 74 Chapter IX Regulation 1), may be exempted from the requirement of Regulation 32.3.2 when such ships are constantly engaged on voyages within “warm climates”. Following consideration of the guidance provided in MSC/Circ 1046 – Guidelines for the Assessment of Thermal Protection, this Administration has defined the following sea areas for the scope of application of the exemption provision:

  • the sea area between the parallels of latitude 30º North and 30º South;
  • the sea area of the Mediterranean Sea south of latitude 35º North;
  • the sea area within 20 nautical miles from the coasts of Africa not included in the sea areas above.

To read the complete Technical Notice SLS.8 Rev.2, click here.

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