Implementation of Regulation (EU) 2015/757

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The MSD Notice reminds shipowners, ship operators, managers, masters, owners’ representatives and recognised organisations that ships falling under the ambit of Regulation (EU) No 2015/757 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2015, meaning ships above 5,000 Gross Tonnage in respect of CO2 emissions released during any call at any port under the jurisdiction of an EU Member State are to ensure that:

  • Ship-Owning Corporate Entities must have submitted annual emissions reports by the 30th April 2019 to the European Commission and to the Merchant Shipping Directorate through THETIS-MRV.
  • Ships that have visited EU Ports during a previous reporting period must have ensured that a valid Document of Compliance was issued by a verifier having verified that the emissions report fulfils all requirements formally laid out in the Regulation.

To read the complete Merchant Shipping Notice 151, click here.

Should you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact Dr Jotham Scerri-Diacono or any other member of the shipping team at GANADO Advocates.