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Notice to Shipowners, Ship Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners’ Representatives and Recognised Organisations
The Merchant Shipping Directorate will be conducting surveys to determine the number of seafarers serving on board Maltese registered ships, categorised by rank, gender, age and nationality.

The surveys will be conducted as at the end of June and December of each year.

To this end Maltese ships are required to send by electronic mail to a copy of the ship’s crew list preferably in a Comma Delimited Value (CSV) file or Excel format (XLS/XLSX) with the following header fields; name, surname, rank, gender, date of birth, nationality, date of engagement and duration of contract (if available) of all persons serving on board the ship as at the end of June and December, irrespective of the position of the vessel.

The crew list, besides carrying the name and IMO number of the ship, should also indicate whether the vessel is trading, undergoing repairs or in lay-up.

It is important that all sea going merchant ships, including river vessels and commercial yachts, operating under the Malta flag, are included in the survey. Accurate collection of data is crucial for the success of the survey. Submission of an updated crew list with the information indicated above as on survey date is therefore critical.

It is the responsibility of Masters and ISM Managers of ships operating under the Malta flag to ensure timely submission of an updated crew list by not later than 1 month from the aforementioned 6 month periods. The cooperation and assistance of the owners and operators and, their representatives is therefore solicited.

Template in Excel format may be downloaded by clicking here.

Source: Merchant Shipping Notice 121